Let us start with a story.

The story is told by Prodeep Dutta of village Rupiyabathan, Dt. Nalbari, Asom, India. Pradeep Dutta has been listening to RVA for quiet sometime. Inspired and encouraged by RVA’s program “Sonchoye Sabolombon” (self-reliance), Prodeep Dutta and his family decided to start a domestic nursery. Since his family is poor, he decided to use plastic bags left for waste. Prodeep, with the help of his family, collected waste plastics bags for recycling all around their neighborhood. He then bought different kinds of seeds from the market and asked local seeds from his neighborhood. He spent very little amount of money in this nursery project but the whole family gave their heart and soul to it. As a result, within two years, Prodeep Dutta was able to sell some of his plants in the neighborhood and later, in the village market. People came to know about his project and were interested in it. Prodeep Dutta was delighted. He could not believe his eyes that his dream became a reality. From the profit of his nursery, he was able to support the financial needs of his family as well as the schooling of his children. This small nursery is not only a source of income, it also plays an important role in the community’s green revolution. His neighbors were encouraged by his work and on their own, started to build more new nurseries similar to those that were initiated by Prodeep Dutta. Prodeep Dutta, already an expert in nursery operations, now trains the new ones in this “Sonchoye Sabolombon” project. Today, Prodeep Dutta is proud of his life and family. He is proud too of his self-created self-reliance project. He confessed that because of RVA, his life and whole family has been changed.


Like Prodeep Dutta, many of our listeners have been touched in one way or another by the spirit and power of RVA. We at RVA may not satisfy our listeners’ material demands like other international radio stations, but all of them admit that RVA has given them something valuable and something special where other radio channels failed. Our listeners are predominantly Muslims and Hindus. Some have been listening to RVA since its inception. Among them is Md. Abdul Quddus Master, a known pioneer in listening to RVA in Kurigram Area. Mr. Quddus, who promotes RVA to his neighbors, attests that RVA has enlightened him and he in turn has likewise enlightened many others by the truth and light of RVA. In the beginning, his neighbors thought it was foolhardy, but eventually Mr. Quddus was able to influence and placed his neighborhood in the spirit of RVA. Mr. Quddus believes that good news has to be lived and shared with others.


We do have some outstanding DXers (Distance Communication) who do not only cooperate and contribute to our programs, but have their own DX publication. These DXers are tuned to many international radio channels and they are also closely connected to one another through their sharing of lives and works. Despite of their busy schedules and great distances, they visit each other and they attend social and religious ceremonies which foster and enhance mutual friendship, understanding and brotherhood among them.