Pragya Bachon: reading from Gita (Hindu Religion) 

Amitra Bani: reading from Koran ( Muslim Religion), reading from Bible (Catholic) 

Chetana: Educational program focused on different topics (i.e., arsenic, superstitions, herbal treatment, sanitation etc) to form consciousness and encourage the target audience to bring about change into their own lives and become agents of change in the process. 

Mohila Angon (Women): Highlight on women issues like health, education, participation in development activities, empowerment, sickness, human rights, success of women, etc. The aim is to help the women in achieving a better quality of family life. It aims to encourage the women to take part in the total development process of the country. 

Biswa Sambad (World News):The program tries to give hard news like other international radio stations. World News is so important For Bangla Service that we try to give our maximum time and energy to broadcast the latest news. The three office staff in the do news everyday both in the morning and in the evening. 

Ajker Gonomadhyom (Media): This program mostly highlights on Dxing and IT News. We have a good number of DXers who constantly send Dx news and out of that news we make 7 minutes program. Secondly, we also give all sorts of the latest information in Information Technology to satisfy the desires of our listeners. The aim is to keep them updated with all these advance technologies. The aim of Dxing is to bridge the gap between listeners and encourage them to foster communion and brotherhood through regular radio listening. 

Amader Paribar (Family Life): This is a new program started since July 2005. The program highlights Bengali Family Life, Evolution of family, problems, family spirituality, family planning, pro-life programs and use drama to inculcate family values Mahot Jibon (Great Life): This program aims to tell the life and contribution of great people like saints, sages, spiritual leaders and respected characters in order to encourage and inspire our listeners to lead a good life. 

Kichukhon (Topic based on letters from listeners): This is to ensure listeners’ participation in our programs and encouraging them to expose their hidden talents through writing with limited words on ongoing current issues especially those that concern socio-economic and moral total development. 

Alapon (Mailbox): The mailbox is with a program about feedback letters from listeners. We try to answer the questions, analyze their requirements, inquiries, suggestions, opinions, and criticisms. Biggan Jagot (Science): It deals with issues attached to science and technology. We try to explain about discoveries, inventions of latest technologies regarding science, medicine, health and sanitation. The aim is to bring about consciousness on topics related to health and sanitation, science and technological advancement. 

Antarjatik Samikhya (International Review): We try to give analytical reviews of our own assessment and opinions regarding current international issues. The aim is to give detailed information about the international issues to increase people’s consciousness and make them become more aware of their own responsibilities. 

Sonchoy Sabolombon (Credit union): Credit union project is one of the most influential projects in Bangladesh to bring about social and economic change. We try to encourage our listeners to be self reliant through credit union programs. It is a program through which we present lots of successful examples about people who were able to change their family and economic conditions through this credit union programs. 

Philipiner Khatha (Filipiniana):This is a popular program where we highlight social, economical, political, cultural and other sectors of Philippine society. . The aim is to give as much as information as possible to increase our listeners’ knowledge which in turn can help them to better know and understand their own culture and country. 

Kishor Taranga: Information and entertainment-based program which caters to the youth. 

Rokomari (Variety program): This program is produced by local centers. It usually centers around a hodge-podge of topics which might interest our target listeners. We try to give a bit ofamusementin order to entertain our listeners. 

Saptahik Sambad Porkroma (Weekly news-round up): A program that gives a summary of the important stories of the week. This programgoes on the airevery Saturday. 

Robibasorio O Bhashya (Sunday Homily): This program highlights on Sunday Liturgy. We have Sunday Gospel and homily every Sunday. But we try to give some universal and moral values through our program so that people of other faith can also tune in and benefit from the information we provide. 

Bhakti Gitir Asor: Religious songs 

Khristo Dhormio Sambad (Religious News): We give international and local information about different kinds of religious beliefs, especially the Catholic faith. 


Martyrs Day (21st February)(18 Min.)
Bangladesh Independence Day (26th March)(25 Min.)
Easter Sunday Evening