Gospel: Luke 4:21-30
Then he said to them, “Today, these pro­phetic words come true, even as you listen.” All agreed with him, and were lost in wonder, while he spoke of the grace of God. Nevertheless they asked, “Who is this but Joseph’s Son?” So he said, “Doubtless you will quote me the saying: Doctor, heal yourself! Do here, in your town, what they say you did in Capernaum.” Jesus added, “No prophet is honored in his own country. Truly, I say to you, there were many widows in Israel in the days of Elijah, when the heavens withheld rain for three years and six months and a great famine came over the whole land.

Yet, Elijah was not sent to any of them, but to a widow of Zarephath, in the country of Sidon. There were also many lepers in Israel in the time of Elisha, the prophet; and no one was healed except Naaman, the Syrian.”On hearing these words, the whole as­sembly became indignant. They rose up and brought him out of the town, to the edge of the hill on which Nazareth is built, intending to throw him down the cliff. But he passed through their midst and went his way.

Lectio Divina
READ: God fortifies Je­remiah for the message he must deliver. St. Paul reminds us that no matter what our mission or message, it must be rooted in love. Even if it is, as Jesus discovers in his hometown, there is no guarantee that the message will be well­ received!
REFLECT: Whatever we do or say in service of the Lord, what truly matters is the love that inspires us. Whether we are teachers, preachers, prophets, or even martyrs, our words and deeds mean nothing if they are rooted in anything other than love. Have we ever encountered a teacher without love? A preacher without love? A prophet who delights in denouncing evil but has no spirit of love? What of our­selves? Let us go back to Paul and reflect on the qualities of love.
PRAY: Lord, grant us faith and hope, but above all else, help us to love.
ACT: Think of three argu­ments or disputes in which you were sure you were right. Did you express yourself with love? If so, or if not, how did that affect the outcome?

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