Gospel: John 20:1-9 (or Luke 24:13-35)
Now, on the first day after the Sabbath, Mary of Magdala came to the tomb early in the morning while it was still dark, and she saw that the stone blocking the tomb had been moved away. She ran to Peter, and the other disciple whom Jesus loved, and she said to them, “They have taken the Lord out of the tomb and we don’t know where they have laid him.” Peter then set out with the other disciple to go to the tomb. They ran together, but the other disciple outran Peter and reached the tomb first. He bent down and saw the linen cloths lying flat, but he did not enter.Then Simon Peter came, following him, and entered the tomb; he, too, saw the linen cloths lying flat. The napkin, which had been around his head, was not lying flat like

the other linen cloths, but lay rolled up in its place. Then the other disciple, who had reached the tomb first, also went in; he saw and believed. Scripture clearly said that Jesus must rise from the dead, but they had not yet understood that.

Lectio Divina

READ: Mary of Magdala cannot figure out the meaning of the empty tomb. She needs help. Peter, in the First Reading, preaches the resurrection of Jesus and invites people to conversion. Paul asks the believers to level up in their value system.

REFLECT: Faith in the resurrection of Christ is not automatic. Knowing or being informed of the details like stone cover moved, empty tomb, linens lying flat, and cloth around his head, is not enough. These are necessary to establish the veracity of the resurrection. Now what to do with them? They can be misinterpreted. Mary of Magdala herself claims Jesus’ body is taken away by someone and is relocated. Peter is quiet about what he sees. He does not go further. Only the other disciple, supposedly John whom Jesus loves makes the act of faith. He sees and believes. The author makes a significant commentary why some have not readily concluded that Jesus is risen from the dead. They fail to see its meaning because they have not understood the holy scriptures. They know the scriptures, but have not understood it. It is very important to be in contact with God’s Word in the Old Testament. Had they understood this, they could have believed right away. For us Christians today, we can appreciate our faith better if we are grounded in the Sacred Scriptures, both the Old and the New Testaments and understand the message they basically convey.

PRAY: Pray to God for an enlightened faith and that the Spirit of the Lord may guide you in your spiritual journey.

ACT: To facilitate your spiritual growth, go to your spiritual director. Have one if you don’t have. Join a group that values the teachings of the Church, the Bible and sacraments.
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