Gospel: Matthew 13:54-58
He went to his hometown and taught the people in their synagogue. They were amazed and said, “Where did he get this wisdom and these special powers? Isn’t he the carpenter’s son? Isn’t Mary his mother and aren’t James, Joseph, Simon and Judas his brothers? Aren’t all his sisters living here? Where did he get all these things?” And so they took offense at him.Jesus said to them, “The only place where prophets are not welcome is his hometown and in his own family.” And he did not perform many miracles there because of their lack of faith.



“Isn't he the carpenter‘s son?“Familiarity breeds contempt. Jesus’ town mates cannot accept that he has become so popular and can have so much power and wisdom. They look down on his parents and his family back- ground. How come that he is so outstanding now as if he does not come from a barrio or insignificant town compared to Capernaum or Jerusalem.No matter where Jesus comes from, we presume that his father Joseph taught him the rudiments of his faith and help him grow to become a practicing and God- fearing Jew. In those days, it was the obligation of the male parents to instruct their children about the Torah and their religious practices. Joseph, though portrayed as a quiet man, certainly taught Jesus how to love God and neighbor. He gave him a good foundation of his faith and morals.When Jesus exposed himself to other places and other people, he was prepared to learn a lot more. His mind was ready to face controversies and to preach with solid theology. Jesus was also aware of his identity as the Son of God. His town mates fail to believe him and appreciate his saving power.
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