Every month, more than two thousand feedback letters and 100 emails are being sent to center office and to the radio station in Manila, Philippines. Some feedback letters and their voices on RVA Kachin Service programs are:,

Mr. Nang Zing Htoi Wa, 75 years old pensioner,“Because of RVA-KS, I am still alive and healthy today. If I were not listening to RVA-KS, I might have died 20 years ago. In the past, I was alcoholic giving problems to the family. But when I listened to the RVA-KS’ education programs on alcohol, I was convinced to get rid of drinking alcohol and I become a good and healthy person. It is RVA-KS that gives me new life. I never forget that and I am always grateful for that.”

RVA-KS is not only for Catholics, but also for all the Kachin people whoever understands Kachin language,”professed by a baptist pastor Mr. Zau Hkawng. He added, “I have been listening to RVA-KS since I was 16 years old and I always encourage my Baptist faithfuls to listen to it, beacuse RVA-KS is giving not only Christ teachings and human development concepts, it is also helping us to build unity and understanding among Christians.

A farmer from the remote area, Mr. Yaw Htung thanked to RVA-KS,“We are farmers living in the jungle where there is no electricity, no TV and Internet. Radio is the only available medium and RVA-KS is our friend who accompanies us in our lonely time. It is our light that shows us the way in the darkness. It is our joy that brings happiness to our lives. Thank you all the producers of RVA, donors and management.”

Mrs. Lu Tawng, a mother of five children,“The family program from Radio Veritas is guiding me how to raise my children properly and help me build the Christian family. I never miss listening to RVA-KS programs in the last ten years.

I came to know the news of my grandmother who passed away last week from RVA-KS,” Mr. Seng Naw, a migrant worker from Malaysia , emailed to the radio station. In his email, he thanked the RVA-KS,“Thank you all the producers of RVA-KS for announcing the news of my grandmother. It will be just a death news for other listeners, but you know how much it means to me. I lost contact with my family since I came to Malaysia. I am happy that I got the news and was able to pray for the soul of my grandmother.

Mr. Tang Gun and his wife Mrs. Lu Awn who are refugees in Canada,“We don‘t know English and we don’t have many friends here. Most of the time, we listen to RVA-KS from RVA Website. From RVA-KS programs, we get to know the news of our friends and families from our hometown and we can listen Kachin songs and music. RVA heals our home-sick. If there is no RVA-KS, our lives here in Canada will be very lonely and miserable.