Chairs of RVA Kachin Service

There are four Chair-persons of the RVA Kachin Service: Archbishop Paul Grawng (Mandalay Archdiocese), Bishop Francis Daw Tang (Myitkyina Diocese), Bishop Philip Zahawng (Lashio Diocese), and Bishop Raymond Sumlut Gam (Banmaw Diocese). They are Kachin bishops taking care of and guiding RVA Kachin Service. They are responsible to appoint the coordinator and producers of the Kachin Service.



Boardmembers of RVA Kachin Service

There is also a group of board-members; the local Ordinary, the RVC director, one senior priest and the other four lay persons. They have meetings three times a year to overview the RVA Kachin Service regarding its programs, problems, finance and personnel.


The RVA staff and RVC staff

The staff of the RVA Kachin Service is headed by a coordinator and assisted by three producers and one talent producer at the Manila production center. There are also a director and three producers at the Center Office in Kachin State, Myanmar.