Mr. Yann Phirum is a Catholic in Battambang Parish of Battambang Diocese which is 291Km in the west of Phnom Penh City of Cambodia. He likes listening to Radio Veritas Asia in Khmer Language for several times a week. He showed his impression and interest in RVA that RVA is helpful for Catholics who live in Cambodia to know about agriculture, economic and health issues that is happening in Cambodia, especially the information about Catholic Church in Cambodia through local and international news in addition Sunday Gospel program is spread out to all people in remote area.


“Among all contents that I like the most, Sunday Gospel is my favorite one. When there is a priest, sister or brother joined program and make an explanation about the word of God related to daily life.” Mr. Phirum said.


He assured that as a Catholic, belief is feeding our life so this program can strengthen my belief stronger and avoid me from enemy in society, and even though I stay in remote area in Cambodia or living far from priest, sister or brother, I can still listen to Sunday gospel through RVA, or Catholic Website in Cambodia. “When I listen to Sunday Gospel, I can reflect about my life with bible content and encourage to change my life. For instance, when I am upset, I always pray to God, and he gives me the power and encouragement. Besides, RVA in content of Bible, I also learned how to be a good person, respect others, and love other peacefully and equally.


Agriculture is also a great program because most of Cambodian people are farmers. With this program, agriculture teaches farmers how to plant different variety of plants such as corn, rice which is the most important for Cambodian people, vegetable… etc. with new techniques to plants more effectively. So they can learn techniques to plant with this program every week.


However, I have some recommendation with reading bible section. In this section, we should do a role play because there are many characters and if we just read bible, it is not interesting. RVA is very helpful for Catholic to pray and meditate during air time of RVA.