Impact of Tamil Program to the Listeners


Veritas Tamil Programs have been touching and attracting the ordinary, poor semi-literate or the illiterate Tamil persons. Quality programming, keen perception and right response to the signs of the times, empathy for suffering community, dynamic contacts with grass root level listener clubs and community leaders, personal contact with the listeners are some of the important reasons for the success of radio Veritas Tamil.

Of all those mentioned, programming is the most important. The person of Christ is the central principle of our programming. We present Jesus as the ultimate expression of humanity and compassion. Deep feelings of humanity and compassion are the fundamental spiritual elements of Asian ethos and they strike resonant chords in Tamil consciousness. That is why our programs such as “Waves of grace”, “In search of Light” and “Triumphant Trumpet” have been receiving overwhelming response from the listeners. The spiritual aura enveloping the service, which always begins with prayers and devotional music, gives a sacred and soothing feeling to the listeners who thirst for peace and truth.

Socio- cultural elements is another important strategy of the Tamil service. Appreciation of the fine elements of Tamil culture– its religion, history and language attract our listeners closely towards us. The programs “Proclaim loudly”, “Feast of the masterpieces” are very much aimed in that direction.

Societal awareness and human development are the next important priorities in our programming. Women’s literacy, empowerment of women, eco-awareness programs, media education and above all themes on family and children are receiving good responses from our listeners.

Our programs have got a great impact on the lives of the listeners. Irrespective of caste and creed, our listeners organize themselves as clubs doing a lot of charitable works in their respective places. The listeners are in touch with Tamil service through Emails, SMS and writing letters. Radio Veritas Tamil service will continue to be the voice of truth, justice and peace and to be a uniting bond among the Tamils around the world.