Date Started: November 1, 1975

Tamil service of Radio Veritas, under the umbrella of Radio Veritas Asia, was started in 1975, November 1. Over the past 35 years, the Tamil service has been guided by great people such as Mr. M A. Samy, Fr. Sebastian, Fr. Jagath Gaspar, and Fr. Singarayan, Fr. Dennis Vaiz whose outstanding pioneering work has nurtured and consolidated the growth of Radio Veritas. Mr. M.A Samy made Veritas a fraternal participant in the life of a listener. The period of Fr. Sebastian witnessed a rapid growth in the number of our listeners. It was during his period that the Tamil service tackled human rights issues and other issues of social concerns. The period of Fr. Gaspar has been seen as the expansion of Veritas Tamil service, including collaboration with radio stations in other countries. Fr. Singarayan continued the work with the same zealousness and enthusiasm. The short period of Fr. Dennis witnessed marvelous changes in the history of Radio Veritas with the introduction of digital recording. In fact, the contribution of Fr. Dennis for introducing digital recording in the station is enormous.

Based on the Latin word ‘Veritas’ which stands for “Truth”, the Tamil service bravely tries to live up to its name. Radio Veritas Tamil service in its unique and brave mission to proclaim the word of God, to propagate the truth and to advance the traditions and culture of the Tamil race has been very much appreciated by the listeners around the world. Particularly, the Sri Lankan Tamils have been looking up to the Tamil service of Radio Veritas for refreshing their lives and sustaining their links with their motherland. It has guided the Tamils by its mature and incisive political analysis as well as sustained their emotions with genuine feelings of pride for their land and compassion for their suffering brethren.

Tamils in Tamil Nadu and around the world were for a long time strictly divided as Hindus and Christians or politically camped as pro and contra are made to move by the vision and inter- religious understanding of Tamil service to a point of convergence and mutual understanding. This assumed major significance against the backdrop of the political emergence of militant Hindu communal forces using religion as a strategy for aggressive political mobilization and social disruption.



RADIO VERITAS ASIA, the Missionary of Asia, was inaugurated in the year 1961. Though the broadcasts were started in the year 1969, the history of its origin traces back a few years earlier.

When His Holiness Pope PIUS XII proposed the need for a Catholic radio station, the South Asian Bishops gathered in Manila in 1958, and decided to establish a radio station.

In 1960, The Arch Bishop of Manila sought the German Government’s assistance to build a Radio Station. The German Government granted the assistance upon the request of the Archbishop of Manila, in the year 1963.

After six years, in 1969, RADIO VERITAS ASIA was inaugurated and test broadcast for various languages were conducted.

It was on 12th July 1976 – The TAMIL SERVICE of Radio Veritas Asia was inaugurated. The broadcasts started in the same year from 1st of November. During the chairmanship of Most Rev. Dr. Michael Bosco Duraisamy, TNBC Commission for Social Commission selected Mr. Arockiasamy to be the first producer of the Tamil Service of Radio Veritas Asia. He resided in Radio Veritas Asia, to broadcast the Good News.

Later his family who went on to serve for almost 12 years, until 1988, joined him. Mr. Rabi Bernard, Ms. Flora Rani, Ms. Celine Mary the son and daughters of Mr. M. Arockiasamy were very instrumental in strengthening the foundation of Radio Veritas Asia, Tamil Service.

They were followed by Mr. M. Arockiasamy and Rev.Fr. Sebastian who served as the coordinators of Tamil Service from 1989 to 1995.Sr.Celestina, Sr. Ruby, Mr. Raisal and Mr. Carmel were the other team members during Fr. Sebastian’s six-year term. Rev. Fr. Jegath Gaspar followed Rev. Fr. Sebastian to serve as the coordinator of Tamil Service from 1996 to 2002, when Most. Rev. Dr. Marianus Arockiasamy was the chairman of TNBC Commission for Social Communications. Under the able guidance and support of Most Rev. Dr. Marianus Arockiasamy, the Tamil Service spread its wings to reach the Tamil people beyond the Asian region. Sr. Anto, Rev. Fr. Hilarius, Ms. Agnel Hema, Mr. Sagayaraj, Sr. Fatima Simon and Mr. Antoni Cleetus were the producers during the 6 years term of Rev. Fr. Jegath Gaspar.

The TNBC Commission for Social Communications, under the Chairmanship of Most Rev. Dr.Marianus Arockiasamy, selected Rev. Fr. A. Singarayan to succeed Rev. Fr. Jegath Gaspar to lead the Tamil Service. Accepting the changes of the time and challenges of the technological developments, the Tamil Service is evolving itself to contribute positively to the lives of the Tamil People.